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Bulang Roasted Mountain Pu'er

Bulang Roasted Mountain Pu'er


The flavour profile of this tea is earthy and rich however not overly domination. Amazingly it's a flavour of tea that becomes comforting to drink on a daily basis especially with the added benefit of miraculous healing properties. This tea has a smooth finish and pairs well with both savoury and sweet foods. 

Processing Method

Utilizing a simplistic but until 1976, a highly secretive fermentation process, which actually composts the tea. The way it works is to cover the tea, effectively sealing out all oxygen and allowing it to sweat and decompose. A naturally occurring bacteria is activated when the right moisture content and heat are present. After 3 months of fermentation, the tea is left to naturally desiccate before being processed into the traditional Pu'er tea biscuits. 


Best Brew

Bulang Roasted Mountain Pu'er best brew
  • Ingredients: Pu'er tea
  • Origins: Bulang Mountain (China) 
  • Time of tea picking: March - June
  • Dried Leaf Colour: Shades of browns and earth
  • Brewed leaf colour: Rich glossy brown
  • Brewed liquor colour: Dark copper brown
  • Best paired with: Dark chocolate, sour dried fruits, nuts, Dim Sum
  • Tasting notes: Earthy malty tones with no bitterness. The best thing about cooked pu'er is, once you have brewed the tea, if ever too strong, its very easy to remedy simply by adding hot water.