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English Breakfast

English Breakfast


This black tea is a slightly unique form of English Breakfast. The raw tea leaf we source is found only in SriLanka. The flavour profile offers a malty richness with a slight fruit and citrus finish. Wonderful when consumed with milk. If brewed for less time this tea will produce fine resultsa when consumed black also.


This tea is created to give the typical flavour of an English Breakfast tea. The only difference is that we use a high altitude single origin tea leaf from Ceylon to create the tea. This tea is actually designed to be consumed with milk. This way of processing the tea has created a flavour profile that is textured and invigorated with the addition of milk. Relating to the habit of how these teas have been bought and consumed by the British for the last 250 years. For people wanting to drink a tea ‘fiIack”, we like to encourage people towards more delicate black teas or teas from Ceylon with larger leaf size.

Processing Method

This black tea is picked from an area of SriLanka at a higher elevation. The teas are picked, then withered for a lot longer than other types of black tea, to allow the moisture content to be naturally expelled. The leaves are then exposed toa rolling process to bring the“Tea Juices” to a certain standard. The final process is to stop the fermentation process, which prevents the leaf from further oxidisation.


English Breakfast

Best Brew

English Breakfast best brew
  • Ingredients: Black tea
  • Origins: Kandy, Ceylon
  • Time of tea picking: March - October
  • Dried Leaf Colour: Chocolate brown
  • Brewed leaf colour: Brighter shiny brown
  • Brewed liquor colour: Rich earthy colours
  • Best paired with: Cakes and savoury sandwiches
  • Tasting notes: Lighter more floral notes with a hint of citrus in the background