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Herbal Stickichai

Herbal Stickichai

Rooibos + Coconut Nectar Masala Blend

All-natural chai tea with freshly crushed spices to be made as a chai latte or served as tea.


The freshest, all natural, easy to brew chai tea on the market. Designed for baristas or the home chai master him/herself to wow the pants of any deserving chai customer. It's "Sticki" because we've laced it with honey like any good story, but with a unique magical spice note in there to create a particularly flavourful chai. Just the way you like it!

We mastered a special blend of eleven fresh spices, that's right - ELEVEN spices and infused through delicious Coconut Nectar.

This product works very well for single serve or for when cooking up chai for a group of friends at home.

For something really different

With a 1/4 bottle of your favourite whiskey still standing, drop in a teaspoon of this chai directly into the bottle and leave for 1 month for a whole other world of whiskey worldness. We've tried our own stickichai for even infused chili oils and for something as tantalizing as a vanilla ice cream topping.

To make a great tasting Chai Latte for one

Method A: Simply take one teaspoon of Stickichai and place in a saucepan. Add a third of cup water and allow to boil for 1 minute. Then add your milk, heat and continue to stir, strain the liquid to a cup before drinking.

Method B:  (For those that †own a coffee machine) Simply take one teaspoon of Stickichai and place directly into the milk jug. Pour in a tiny amount of boiling water and allow to infuse for 40 seconds. Then add your hot milk and heat directly with the wand until you have smooth silky milk. Strain to a cup and dust with Stickipinch before serving.

Method C: (For the no milk aficionados) Simply prepare Stickichai in a Bulang teapot and steep for 2 mins before pouring to a cup and drinking.

Don't let us teach you how to live your life. Buy some and let it be yours tonight!