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Hunan Emperor

Hunan Emperor


The rarest of all teas found in China. Yellow teas are one of the six categories of teas that make up all the teas of China. This tea in flavour profile would stand somewhere in-between a black and an Oolong tea. The flavour is altogether sweet wit the backing of a bold, and richer body. However, you will get the sweet floral notes that linger in the finish.


This Yellow tea is most likely the rarest, certainly the least common of all the tea categories in China. The flavour is likened to that of a very floral black tea, but much lighter.

Processing Method

Similar in tea varietal to Pu'er, however instead of being fermented this tea is oxidized like a black tea.


Hunan Emperor

Best Brew

Hunan Emperor Best Brew
  • Ingredients: Yellow Tea
  • Origins: Hunan (China) 
  • Time of tea picking: March - May
  • Dried Leaf Colour: Pale brown
  • Brewed leaf colour: Shiny bright-brown
  • Brewed liquor colour: Bronze brown
  • Best paired with: Cakes and Desserts
  • Tasting notes: Often described to be the marriage of flavours between a black and a green tea.