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Irish Breakfast

Irish Breakfast


If you enjoy your English Breakfast tea with a little more punch and vigour then Irish Breakfast Tea is the choice for you. The tea liquor this tea produces offers a more bold, rich and full bodied flavour. With a finish that reminds you of caramel and brown sugar.


The Enigma of all teas. This tea was named after a British Prime Minister.  

Processing Method

This blend is created to give a richer flavour than your typical English Breakfast. As a result, the raw leaf selection is chosen from a slightly older leaf that can withstand the higher amounts of oxidization that the tea leaf must undergo. Similar to the Ceylon Breakfast, the teas are picked then withered for a lot longer than other types of black tea to allow the moisture content to be naturally expelled. The leaves are then exposed to a rolling process to bring the “tea Juices” to a flavour standard. The final process is a stop fermentation process that prevents the leaf from further oxidizing.


Irish Breakfast

Best Brew

Irish Breakfast best brew
  • Ingredients: Black tea
  • Origins: Assam, Kenya, Ceylon
  • Time of tea picking: Average picking times from Spring to early Fall in each tea origin
  • Dried Leaf Colour: Milk chocolate brown
  • Brewed leaf colour: Brighter shiny brown
  • Brewed liquor colour: Rich earthy colours
  • Best paired with: Fudge and dried fruit
  • Tasting notes: A rich malty black tea with the addition of more caramel and brown sugar notes