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Iron Goddess of Mercy

Iron Goddess of Mercy


Oolongsfrom China is almost all grown and processed in Guangdong and Fujian Provinces. This particular tea is sourced from South Eastern China, home of some of the oldest defensive structures in the world that were built by the Hakha people. The flavour of these teas is unique with light floral grassy notes of plum and citrus and with a sweet after taste.


This tea does not come directly from the traditional area for sourcing the lron Goddess of Mercy In the Anxi County. We take pride in obtaining our Oolong from a little further away, where it isn’t subjected to the spraying conditions and pressures of monoculture of Anxi. The small farm we source from is a very tiny corner of TuIou or traditional “round houses.” The owners’ income is also subsidized with their accommodation and rice harvesting.

Processing Method

Oxidized/Fermented. This tea might be processed over a 2 day period with multiple oxidization/fermentation, rolling and drying stages going on. The rolling process traditionally had the tea put into hemp sacks whereby it was rolled along a hard wooden bench which broke the cellular bundles up preparing the leaf for better fermentation treatment.


Iron Goddess of Mercy

Best Brew

Iron Goddness of Mercy best brew
  • Ingredients: Green Tea / Oolong Tea
  • Origins: Anxi Country (China)
  • Time of tea picking: 2 times/year-April and October
  • Dried Leaf Colour: Olive green with some white flower specs
  • Brewed leaf colour: Richer green with some white flower specs
  • Brewed liquor colour: Liquescent green
  • Best paired with: Baked goods and dark chocolate
  • Tasting notes: Floral with a slightly oily finish and the hidden scent of stone fruit in the background