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Jingmai (Raw Pu'er Tea)


The holy grail of all teas. The Pu'er teas are the oldest known and processed teas in the world. The area of Southern Yunnan is now home to the oldest tea bushes on the planet. These teas have been known for their miraculous healing properties and benefits to our general state of health. The flavour is similar to that of a green tea, however with more bold herbal and malty notes, also carrying subtle fruit and citrus notes that linger in the long finish. The effect o these teas is described in Chinese as "Ba Qi" with the power to invigorate the soul.


Pu'er is the origin of all tea in the world. Pu'er is synonymous with the Ancient Tea Road of China, transporting these tea biscuits on donkey back through high mountain passes and frigid driver crossings. Creating the indistinguishable scent of "Journey", which brought it princes like no other teas have seen.

Processing Method

Rolled and Dried. Then stored for approximately 6 months to naturally desiccate before being prosses into the traditional Pu'er tea biscuits.



Best Brew

Jingmai best brew
  • Origins: Kandy, Ceylon
  • Time of tea picking: March - October
  • Dried Leaf Colour: Chocolate brown
  • Brewed leaf colour: Brighter shiny brown
  • Brewed liquor colour: Rich earthy colours
  • Best paired with: Cakes and savoury sandwiches
  • Tasting notes: Lighter more floral notes with a hint of citrus in the background