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Yellow Mountain Jasmine

Yellow Mountain Jasmine


We take a green tea from Anhui Province and blend it with vibrant fresh Jasmine flowers that are grown on the border between China and Vietnam. Over the course of 5 days the flowers are rotated in a controlled seal room to allow the green to naturally soak up the exotic fresh jasmine notes. 


Quite often misunderstood, however, this tea comes from blending any green tea with jasmine flower. The process is to take a smaller base of green tea from Anhui and blend it with the jasmine flower, which is grown right down on the southern border with Vietnam. This blend was once upon a time used as a way to sell previous harvests of green tea to the "Northerners", with the scent of jasmine masking any bad flavour of older tea. Today the story is very different, we only source the freshest teas and flowers before creating the blend.  

Processing Method

Rolled and dried (Flowers are Sun Parched and Dried). The "5" refers to the number of times that the green tea is exposed to absorb the scent of jasmine. This takes roughly 3 days.

Yellow Mountain Jasmine

Best Brew

Yellow Mountain Jasmine
  • Ingredients: Yellow tea
  • Origins: Green tea - Tunxi (China), Jasmine flower - Hangxian (China)
  • Time of tea picking: March - July
  • Dried Leaf Colour: Olive green with some white flower specs
  • Brewed leaf colour: Richer green with some white flower specs
  • Brewed liquor colour: Liquescent green
  • Best paired with: Nuts, fruits candy
  • Tasting notes: Floral with a slightly sweet alter taste. Has the highest concentration of Vitamin C