Green Tea & Endurance Running Performance

Green tea has been found to oxidise abdominal fat both prior and during exercise
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Green Tea & Endurance Running Performance

How to enhanced fat oxidation during exercise and increase endurance with Green Tea Extract (or GTE for short) this is the question facing scientists trying to learn more about the benefits of drinking green tea both during and prior to training and racing? And if so, are there performance gains to be had by sportsmen and women? Although this is a new area of research, the results from studies so far look very promising indeed.

One of the earliest studies on GTE supplementation in humans back in 1999 found that GTE produced a thermogenic effect and increased fat oxidation at rest beyond that explained by the caffeine content alone (caffeine can also increase fat oxidation to a limited degree)(17). Following this early study, GTE research in humans fell off the radar for a while. However, two very recent studies provide support for the fat-burning effect of GTE.

In a large US study carried out last year, scientists studied the effects of GTE on body composition and fat distribution in 132 overweight and obese adults during exercise-induced weight loss(24). The subjects were asked to maintain constant energy intake and engage in at least three hours a week of moderate intensity exercise, including three or more supervised sessions per week. After 12 weeks, those subjects taking GTE lost significantly more abdominal fat compared to the control group who weren’t. This is important because it’s abdominal fat that is particularly associated with increased health risks such as heart disease in overweight people.

Meanwhile, scientists at the University of Birmingham in the UK studied the effects of GTE supplementation (containing 366mgs of EGCG per day) in 12 healthy men who performed 30 minutes of cycling exercise at 60% of maximal oxygen consumption (VO2max) before and then again 24 hours after GTE supplementation. The results were dramatic; compared to a control group who took an inert placebo, those taking GTE increased their fat burning rates by an average of 17%.

These studies have been found to both excite the science and encourage the endurance sports communities to trial more GTE supplements and nutrition amongst athletes.

Extract taken from Peak Performance Lite

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