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Hilga’s Great Southern Bicycle Adventure

Just to grab your attention we required the borrowed permission of another tea and cycling fan to use her photo. However, Hilga is sadly not that pretty and also not a women. Hilga is actually just a plain hearted and rather plainly dressed adventurous soul on a mission to rewrite an authentic passage into tea for the modest newcomer. This is what Hilga did to achieve maximum tea appreciation in Aussie coastal town communities. She embarked on a cycling journeys, one that is also conducive to tea drinking, with two full Teabo’s of iced teas on two wheels and headed off down the South Coast of NSW. Much like a missionary with a bible, however this Tea Brand Champion was armed with just 2 Teabo’s, a satchel of samples and a head full of meetings with people whom were going to take up the taste test challenge.

This all happened to Hilga in the middle of last weeks Sydney hottest March on record whilst peddling through forests, high mountain passes and past hot wind swept coastlines. As the temperatures sored so did the consumption of iced tea. Very quickly there were people from far and wide wondering just when this beverage was going to hit their own shelves and start to tickle the southerners tastes buds too. For the following 6 hours, iced teas were shared with the local communities of Berry, Gerringong, Nowra and Huskinson. Hilga was amassing popularity very fast.

The favourite of the day was Tea Journeys new Lychee Black Tea Flavour made using a high mountain Sichuan black tea. We will be having this on tap this weekend at The Sydney Trail Series Manly Dam trail running races to see what the Sydney Siders think.

Hilga managed to introduce 3 great new cafes to our products line taking on new wholesale accounts, almost run over a slow moving echidna whoops! in Jervis Bay National Park, take a quick dip at Caves Beach and narrowly escaped the roth of one fun loving driver whom thought with his Sunco trailer would give Hilga 10cm at 80km an hour to navigate the thin roadside shoulder. Perhaps Hilga should have been sporting a better cycling kit that reads: “Give bikes their 1.5m of space.”

This is a picture of Hilga from her bike ride down the South Coast

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