Dairy-free chocolate smoothie

Dairy-free chocolate smoothie, they call the Monkey Business
The best chocolate smoothie ever

Kakaoda Chocolate Smoothie

How to create some other wicked items from our all organic natural drinking chocolate! Photos and incredible recipes courtesy of Penny University Roasters. Blend the following ingredients:

  •  Kakaoda natural drinking chocolate
  • 1 shot of PU espresso shot
  •  Banana
  •  Dates
  •  Coconut cream
  • Toasted coconut (as a garnish)

Try it at home or cafe in a large blender. Start blender slow before ramping up the RPM! Here is another dash with chocolate creativity…again thanks to PU Roasters. They created a dairy-free, gluten-free organic cherry and cacao slice.

Slice of chocolate heaven

Creations with Kakaoda powder

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