Choosing the right teapot

Once you’ve decided the tea you’d like to brew, then you’ll have to determine the best teapot to get the best flavour from that tea. Ceramic Teapots Traditionally most suited for brewing black and pu’er teas, this material has natural heat retention properties and thick walls which helps maintain a higher water temperature. Black and...
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Our Top Herbal Tisanes Packed with Health Benefits

Did you know, that herbal teas are really not true teas? Teas such as green, black, and oolong teas are made from the leaves from the Camellia Sinensis plant; whilst Herbal tisanes are made from dried fruits, flowers, spices, or herbs; and offer a wide range of tastes and flavours. Some herbal tisanes have health-promoting...
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The Origins of Tea

The history of tea began thousands of years ago. Although many might think that tea is a traditionally British drink, it is believed that the first mentions of the beverage originated in southwest China around the 2nd century BC. However, the official birthplace of its history is said to be the Yunnan Province of China....
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Hilga’s Great Southern Bicycle Adventure

Just to grab your attention we required the borrowed permission of another tea and cycling fan to use her photo. However, Hilga is sadly not that pretty and also not a women. Hilga is actually just a plain hearted and rather plainly dressed adventurous soul on a mission to rewrite an authentic passage into tea for...
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Manly Dam Trail Running Race

Its on again! This Sunday March 20th at Manly Dam. Details here. Tea Journeys will be supporting the event with iced teas for all finishes. Two flavours on tap for Sunday:  Sichuan Lychee  Jasmine Bliss See you there!  

Green Tea & Endurance Running Performance

How to enhanced fat oxidation during exercise and increase endurance with Green Tea Extract (or GTE for short) this is the question facing scientists trying to learn more about the benefits of drinking green tea both during and prior to training and racing? And if so, are there performance gains to be had by sportsmen...
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NRG 6Foot Track Training Weekend

**  Sponsorship packages Available for your next event  ** The NRG Running Club are in training for what is known in Australian Ultra Running community as Australia’s toughest marathon! The 6 Foot Track Marathon follows a horse drawn cart trail through some of the Blue Mountains toughest terrain. Its an annual event as was started in...
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Tea Journeys 1-of-a-kind Cycling Kits

Made from the latest Italian fabrics and stitched together in China. Our wonderful working partners at Jakroo – Tailor made cycling apparel whom are based in San Francisco designed our latest eye catching design which is winning us high-fives both within the morning bike cafe scene as well as amongst the beautiful villages in Xishuangbana where...
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Whats is the difference in drinking chocolates?

It’s easily the most asked question for staff and customers alike? Whats the difference between drinking chocolates? The easy answer should be about taste. This is also what should matter to the consumer most of all. However there are other factors at stake.   The Different Drinking Chocolates Available There are a fast growing number...
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