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Free shipping over $80 Australia wide   |   Buy now Pay later with

Tea Journeys Team

Sara Ringham

Sara feels a sign of relief every time our freight partners come to retrieve packages from the warehouse. She feels better knowing our customers get their orders on time every time. To us she has earnt her electricians stripes all at the same time. The number of blenders and mixers we have blown mixing our Colombian panela with fine cacao or making our chai recipes. Alas the great shining light on the horizon and chorus of French horns signalling the arrival of the new great ribbon blender has brought a smile to Sara only ever witnessed before when crossing the finish line of one of her many endurance events. Sara has joined the ranks of runners lining up to compete and conquer the marathon. She has worked and worked at this and we know from where she has come from she can achieve anything.

Reanah Dobson

Reanah likes people and ensures that all our clients are treated with great care. Reanah shares an empathy for many new tea drinkers sharing her own journey in tea and healthy herbals with people not so acquainted with rare Oolongs or aged Pu'er. She always arrives with a big welcoming smile and a willingness to explore new places for tea to be enjoyed. She has a found flair in creating Insta worthy moments that capture the imagination of many and equally spread the knowledge of how teas can benefit wellbeing. Despite her quest to take Tea Journeys to new found lands she is also the co-founder of her own clothing label for children which makes complete sense raising her own two beautiful girls who hopefully one day grow up just like her. Reanah is also a touch rugby queen ready to chase any ball down and has a deep affection for a slice of morning cake with a hot beverage (take a guess!) Just look out for Reanah at the next festival or the next time she pops over with some samples your way.

Izumi Urata

When designing and detailing changes for a new website is not her thing she is screaming across Jervis Bay upon her Hoby Cat. If she sails anything like her ability to listen and incorporate her own style of design both leaning on her heritage whilst maintaining relevance to today's demographic we know this is a gift worthy of greatness. We don't know where she finds her unending creativity one can only imagine this might come from watching dolphins that speed along beside her beneath her craft. We also know that Izumi must have been a long jumper in her former life, we made note of how far her daughter can leap when waving a strawberry yogurt sachet in front of her. Her ability to leap into action as get things done is one of her greatest qualities. Izumi despite her attempts to try so many different green teas, her real passion lies with her Japanese green tea selection.