Asia Beauty – Oolong Tea

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A smooth and toasty Oolong tea with its undertones of caramel and stone fruit that comes straight from the famous southeast coast province of China called Fujian.

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Asia Beauty ( also known as Oriental Beauty or Dongfang Meiren) offers rich caramel notes. Its a more heavily toasted Oolong but without any smokiness. Instead its a clean rich bodied tea with notable hints of stone fruit and a particularly long finish. This tea is sourced by Tea Journeys in the mountains of Fujian, traditionally hailing from Taiwan. In mid-summer, the tea-bushes are intentionally exposed to the tea green leaf-hoppers (a common pest) in order to help the leaves acquire a naturally buttery taste with an exceptional caramel finish. Its a very warming blend and is often described by the locals to be best consumed over the autumn and winter months.

The product photo shows a 50-gram package. Any purchase above 50-grams (and all wholesale quantities) will be packaged in a black resealable bag.

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