Bulang Mountain Cooked Pu’er Tea

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This tea reins from the origin of all tea in the world. This fully fermented tea not only tastes of the earth, offering rich malty tones, but offers a myriad of benefits to the body.

The product photo shows a 50-gram package.



This tea was a national state secret held in China up until the year the great Helmsman passed away. Since 1977 the secret was out and workers from all the state factories clambered over each other to begin to process their own Pu’er tea and selling to China and only recently to the world. Let us let you in on a little secret. Here is a herbal tonic that is known to help people affected by issues:

–  Hypotension

–  Those affected with diabetes and cholesterol

–  Circulatory issues

–  Listlessness

–  Skin allergy issues

For all the years in China, Tea Journeys has been working with small communities picking and harvesting this ancient form of tea. This type of tea is, in fact, the origin of all tea in the world. The processed effect of this tea changes the molecular structure and aids is so many ways. For more info in getting up close to the communities and small villages that pick and harvest Pu’er tea, you might like to join a bi-annual Yunnan Bicycle Adventure that brings you up close to tea for an experience of a lifetime.

The product photo shows a 50-gram package. Any purchase above 50-grams (and all wholesale quantities) will be packaged in a black resealable bag.


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