Ice Tea Dispenser

Large Ice Tea Dispenser


Large Ice Tea Dispenser – Made of glass with a leak proof open/close liquid tap

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Product Description

When summer splashes down its time to start thinking of new ways to serve tea. This large glass canister turns into a rather large ice tea mixer for all your creations to go into. We always say add lots of ice to the container too. The dispenser holds a maximum of 12 litres at any one time.

For some great flavour ideas, we like to take one of our Oolong teas or green teas and simply cold brew for 12 hours. Serve iced with a wedge of lemon. For a slightly more involved production, we use 2 tablespoons of Dian Hong black tea, 8 freshly squeezed lemons, 1 cup Stickipowder (add boiling water to make a paste first before adding) Lots of ice and fresh mint. Mix it all up in the Ice dispenser and wait for magic to happen. Pour over a tall glass of more ice and add top with a soda and wedge of fresh lemon. We call this mocktail:  Dian Hong Dragon.

For slightly more naughty recipes add your favourite tipple, however, then be sure to keep dispenser out of kids way.



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