Ice Tea Maker

Ice Tea Maker
Ice Tea Maker

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Easy to make Iced Teas every time for parties, children’s birthday parties or for sipping on something healthy at work

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Product Description

The easiest way to make healthy fresh iced teas for a party! The Tea Journeys Iced Tea Maker comes with a stainless steel infuser basket, or can be mounted with a self-sealing lid, that works with the weight of water gravity the pushes on the lid as you pour fresh iced tea from the mouth of the jug. Easy hold latex wrapping around the sides and a size of 1.8 litre water holding capacity should keep you hydrated during rounds of tipples or simply to enjoy on a summery hot day with the kids.


Method for use:

The basket is designed to hold herbs, spices, fresh fruits or tea or a mixture of any of the above. Simply place ingredients in strainer basket fill with ambient filtered water and place in fridge for 12 hours for maximum infusion strength. DONE!


More recipe ideas go to our links online in the my-accounts page.


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