Iron Goddess of Mercy Oolong

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Iron Goddess of Mercy is floral and nutty Oolong Tea believed to be first discovered in the Anxi country, Fujian province of China by a poor farmer with the help of Guanyin, a Chinese goddess of mercy and compassion. It has a unique aroma and an aftertaste that will remind you of stone fruits and wet wood.

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This Oolong tea is believed to be a gift from Guanyin, a Chinese goddess of mercy and compassion to a poor farmer in the Anxi country for his dedication to a forgotten mountain temple. According to the legend, he would hike the mountain to look after the temple every week. Guanyin took notice of his dedication and visited the farmer in his sleep, describing a gift behind the temple granted to him for his earnest efforts. The next day, the farmer discovered a tea tree, which will then come to be known to produce tea called ‘Iron Goddess of Mercy’, famous for its aroma type of Oolong tea.

Iron Goddess of Mercy is one of the most aromatic Oolong teas. It’s dark due to heavier than others fermentation, bringing it closer to green tea. Fruity with a berry aroma and the undertones of honeysuckle and wood. This Oolong is perfect for anyone who is looking for highlighted floral notes mixed with slightly woody and sweet flavours.

The product photo shows a 50-gram package. Any purchase above 50-grams (and all wholesale quantities) will be packaged in a black resealable bag.

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