Kick N Kakaoda – Spicy Drinking Chocolate

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Our drinking chocolate is made from a recipe of natural cacao from our partners in Papua New Guinea. It acts as a powerful super-food that can be enjoyed without guilt. Our combination of chili powder will have you ‘kick’n’ through the cooler seasons with glee.



One of a kind, spicy drinking chocolate. A rare beverage that everyone should try. Kick N Kakaoda is a fantastic combination of our high-quality organic cacao sourced from Papua New Guinea and special artisan spices. It’s both sweet and spicy, making it an absolute ‘must-try’ in case you want to impress your friends with something unusual.

Spicy drinking chocolate might seem strange but that’s how it was originally consumed by the Mayans when it was first created, as there was no sugar in North America. They used to grind up cacao beans and mix the powder with spices and water, creating something called ‘xocolatl’, or ‘bitter water’.

Our natural cacao is treated using special grinding stones that retain a maximum temperature of 56°C, which maintains the usually high mix of nutrients and vitamins, making our Kakaoda the natural healthy choice with a rich, nutty flavour.


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