Nepalese Golden Black

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From one-of-a-kind, tea producing region in the highest mountains of Nepal, this distinctively golden coloured tea with a lovely mellow taste and aromas of stone fruit, and honey can definitely become anyone’s favourite.

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Nepalese Golden Black comes straight from the highest mountains in Nepal, providing it with a unique growing environment like nowhere else on Earth. This fantastic black tea came first as the ‘Best Black Tea’ in the North America Tea Championships in 2015. Being grown in high altitudes and with plentiful of rain each year, this tea made up entirely of young buds has a natural sweetness reminiscent of burnt honey or chocolate. It has a distinctive golden colour when brewed, with a clear malty taste but without any harshness or pungency.

Its best enjoyed with a little sugar and milk but if you’d like to appreciate its full flavour, its best drunk plain.

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