Oriental Red Robe – Oolong Tea

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The legendary Oriental Red Robe Oolong Tea that according to old tales has cured the Ming Dynasty’s emperor’s mother herself. Aromatic and woody, this highest grade tea has a fruity tang to it and is especially rich in flavour.

The product photo shows a 50-gram package.



This particular type of Oolong tea isn’t only famous for it’s exceptional quality but for it’s impressive history too. It’s believed that during the Ming Dynasty’s rule, one of the emperors’ mother was cured with a cup of this tea. The emperor was so grateful, he sent special red robes of nobility to cover up the four bushes, located in the Wu Yi mountains, from which the tea was made. To this day, some of the original plants are still present on the cliffs of Wu Yi and are heavily guarded, as they are considered a national treasure.

Slightly more oxidised than other types of Oolong Tea, Oriental Red Robe is highly valued and is traditionally reserved for special guests. It has a special kind of fruity and flowery flavours like no other, which will leave you with a peach and vanilla aftertaste.

The product photo shows a 50-gram package. Any purchase above 50-grams (and all wholesale quantities) will be packaged in a black resealable bag.

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