Self Sealing Tea Canister


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Sealed glass tea canister to keep your tea fresh between cups.


Tea Journeys self-seal canister is made from glass with an easy seal bamboo lid that is designed for easy access whilst helping to keep your tea fresh between uses. The labels are designed to read from the side on perspective or top-down if kept in a drawer. Each canister can hold up to 500 grams of tea with a maximum water holding capacity of 1.2 litres.

Available with the following designs:

  • Pure Peppermint*
  • Asia Beauty
  • Hunan Emperor
  • English Breakfast
  • Earl Grey
  • Bombay Dry Chai
  • Calming Chamomile*
  • Caramel Rooibos
  • Black Magic
  • Fragrant Jasmine
  • Lemon Zinger
  • Lemongrass & Ginger
  • Mint Fennel Blush
  • Mountain Green
  • Oolong Rage
  • Orange Pekoe
  • Irish Breakfast
  • Roasted Rooibos
  • Ruby Tickle*
  • Siesta Me Silly*
  • Yunnan Green

* Some herbal blends with a higher surface area to volume ratio will take up a lot more space than other teas and herbals. As a result, for all wholesale orders, Tea Journeys will first provide all teas and herbals in seal bags. It is then up to you to self-fill the canisters as required.


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