Tea4office Package 2 – Kungfu



This is a package includes both tea bottles and a mix of both loose leaf fresh teas and herbals

Product Description

Package Name What you get Total cost of package Bonus extras with each package More Details of Package
Kungfu Teabo’s for team, 4 tea canisters filled with different hydrating teas From $499 * 50gram sampler packets of 3 of the following 4 teas:
1 Peppermint (Herbal)
2 Roasted Rooibos (Herbal)
3 Zhejiang Mountain Green (Green Tea)
4 Orange Pekoe (Black Tea)
1 Bulang Teapot

Tea bottles will be supplied to every member of your team. Along with, 4 tea canisters, each filled with 4 different hydrating teas and herbals that is selcted by us from our tea selection


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