The Sommelier Experience – 12 Samples


A packet of samples from Tea Journeys products across our tea and chocolate range, the perfect gift for all tea and chocolate lovers out there.


We can all attest to the ‘try before you buy’ philosophy. We want to know what we are in for before committing. Tea Journeys has a role to play in the foodservice industry, offering premium products at the right price. We feel 100% confident in our products that we are supplying to make you a better business – namely supporting the fine dining and cafe industries within the food sector.

Each sample product we send out is designed to give you 3+ serves of each product. To cup and taste these products in the presence of both decision-makers, chefs, and managers alike.

  • Sample a selection of black, green, white, and oolong teas
  • Sample a selection of herbal tisanes
  • Sample a selection of chocolate, chai and matcha drinking powders

++ Photo is an example of the tea/chocolate you should receive if there is something else specific you would like to try outside of what is on the list you must please let us know, we may be able to swap it out for something you’d prefer. Please let us know before ordering by emailing us at


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