Yellow Emperor

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Tea that has a taste reminiscent to that of chocolate. Yellow Emperor is among the rarest and most expensive teas found in all of China.

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The rarest of all teas found in China. Yellow teas are one of the six categories of teas that make up all the teas of China. This tea in flavor profile would stand somewhere in-between a black and an Oolong tea. The flavor is altogether sweet with the backing of a bold, and richer body. Often described to be the marriage of flavours between a black and a green tea. However, you will get the sweet floral notes that linger in the finish.

This tea is like no other with its unique taste and antioxidant properties similar to that of Green Tea. That’s because it’s production method is the exact same as green tea’s, although with a little twist. The tea leaves are covered with special cloth, sometimes many times over, during a period of up to three days. That allows a small amount of oxidisation to occur, giving the leaves their unique yellow tinge when brewed and an overall sweeter taste.


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