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Keemun Ancient Black - Loose Leaf Large (500g)


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First black tea in the Qimen country, this particular tea is considered to be one of the most popular black teas in the world. It's widely included in the English Breakfast blends but better consumed on its own in order to get a full taste of this slightly smoky tea with lovely sweet notes and rare undertones.


Up until the mid 1870's, the Qimen county used to specialise exclusively in green teas until the first black tea factories were introduced using knowledge sourced from the Fujian province. It turned out to be widely successful and became one of the most well-known types of black tea in the world. Keemun Ancient Black is often included in the English Breakfast blends and is sometimes referred to as one of the prime black teas of China.

Keemun Ancient Black has a smoky, mellow taste, reminiscent of unsweetened cocoa and a very delicate, sweet aroma. This tea can easily become one of your favourites for its simplicity and fragrance. Best enjoyed with a bit of milk and ideal with any meal of the day.

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