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Orange Pekoe - Loose Leaf Medium (250g)


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Fragrant black tea from Sri Lanka. Easily enjoyed with or without milk and perfect when served black over a tall glass of ice.


A wonderfully aromatic tea that can be enjoyed either with or without milk. This tea is a large whole-leaf offering a very floral bouquet to your typical black tea with a unique, slightly fruity finish. This Pekoe is also a great tea for Summer, as it is such a versatile tea to brew. Preparing Pekoe hot to serve with or without milk will wow any audience of friends or customers, however, even more, important to add is that this tea makes a wonderful iced beverage when infused with panela and mango at this time of year, lots of ice and a couple of slaps of fresh mint for good measure.

The tea reigns from Sri Lanka and is one of our latest editions to our tea tribe. A funny story about this tea is that we found more people enjoying this tea served black, over ice than any other tea that we stock. Thank you to our loyal tasters yet again!

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Black tea

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Orange Pekoe Best Brew

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