Tea Journeys Cycling Kits

Tea Journeys sponsored cycling kits
Cycling top and knicks

Tea Journeys 1-of-a-kind Cycling Kits

Made from the latest Italian fabrics and stitched together in China. Our wonderful working partners at Jakroo – Tailor made cycling apparel whom are based in San Francisco designed our latest eye catching design which is winning us high-fives both within the morning bike cafe scene as well as amongst the beautiful villages in Xishuangbana where we host our annual tea and cycling adventure with The Hutong.

Tea Journeys ordered our first run late last year and plans on making another order run for the next coming bike rides of the season. If you are interested in styling yourself in a Tea Journeys kit we do offer a complete tea range that will come with your tea kit. You can see it as a professional tea drinking sponsorship package. Slurp to that!

MOre on our cycling kids soon

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