Wholesale Tea For Your Café

Our beverages are designed to lift the customer experience. Our products not only taste fantastic and designed for simple preparation but most importantly offer our wholesale clients value for money by ensuring strong margins on our full range of products.

We work very hard to ensure all the products and ingredients that go into making our products are fresh and natural. As part of the story, it’s important to pass these on to the end consumer. Unique products that cafes can offer proudly and with confidence in how they are offered and sold help a cafes’ business. Knowing that the healthy range of products that Tea Journeys has to offer will reflect on their business is the most powerful and compelling selling proposition of all.

The training we offer to all our client accounts ensures that staff are familiar with everything from the basic brewing parameters of each products to the origins and processes that help in providing a key point of interest for customers. We have found that lifting the customer experience with products that connect them to origin is a very fulfilling and empowering process in a fast competitive world.

Creating experiences for customers is a key part of our value proposition. We strive to offer the best products, designed to be prepared by baristas in the fastest possible manner. When orders start to stack up and staff are run off their feet our value to cafes from both initial training and the products – all designed to be made with simple 1,2,3 steps to perfection – is to give you peace of mind.

We know coffee is what makes this exciting food industry in Australia hum. Thats okay, we like coffee too. What we have chosen to do is perfect the “other” beverages that support the coffee business but are so often forgotten. We just happen to be passionate about tea and will admit that what gets us jumping out of bed in the morning is reaching for our first cup of chai.

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Tea Journeys For Your Café

We can help you build a bigger business by:

– Increasing your ‘alternative hot beverage’ sales to 20% of total hot beverage revenues
– Helping you decrease your product costs on a per serve basis
– Building your own business story and connection to what you are serving and communicate this to your customers
– Creating the easiest trouble-free stock ordering process that tells you when you require new product
– Offering retail product options and accessories to on-sell

What Tea Journeys offers you as our select wholesale customer:

– Bamboo/glass canisters to use for product display

– Tea training with tasting notes and samples given

– Free shipping on all orders
– 48 hour turn around on all orders

– Tailored branding for clients looking to scale their own brand

Its so funny, we thought coffee was the only way to build our revenue. But everyone focuses on coffee, it’s so damn competitive! The teas from Tea Journeys have been a key in helping us realise our beverage revenues in a much smarter way – Cafe Owner, Katoomba.

Our products that work for cafés can be of benefit in the place you work in all the same ways and more. It’s super easy to get set up. Click here to create your account, then fill out the wholesale application form.

Add these tasty, healthy lists of teas and products to your office kitchen snack menu now. Why head to the café when you can enjoy the freedom and guilt-free tea experience in the sanctitude of your own work place.