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Whether your employees are female or male, just starting out or about to retire, whether your work is on a construction site or in a corporate office, showroom or car.

This is a system of hydro health products designed to go with you throughout your day, helping you perform at your best.

Instill healthy practices and get more out of your team while at work. Our tea system for any workplace will ensure the best WORK practices for your business.

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A system of teas and easy-brew tea bottles designed to be used at work.

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K - Key Performance Indicators


WATER is the easiest way to hydrate throughout the day.

The average 25-60 year old Australian drinks 1.2 – 1.8 litres of water per day, which is often not enough. As a result we suffer from dehydration, which can cause:
– Lethargy
– Distraction
– Headaches

We can avoid this easily and simply by stimulating the desire to drink more fluids.

Our selection of teas are designed to be consumed without milk, meaning better results and greater potency on the positive aspects of tea.


OUTLOOK in helping to build bridges and grow business.

There is a greater need for Australian businesses to be more active globally and as more businesses deal with Asia than ever before, tea is a wonderful tool to build relationships with Asian clients and customers.

Tea in China is revered, described as a “tribute gift” and is offered not just as a common courtesy but more importantly a mark of face.

In our fast paced global market place, we believe that serving tea is now a wonderful offering for any customer. Tea not only serves the purpose of showing a mark of distinction but also extends a level of respect to your customer and to their state of health.


RESOURCE – Investing in your team will increase staff retention.

Show your staff that you’re thinking about their health and wellness. One study carried out by a leading global coffee brand based in Seattle found that staff were more likely to remain positive in their work functions when additional benefits were offered.

The top three factors were:
– Child care provided at work
– Parallel study programs
– Healthy snack and beverage options at work

Key Performance Indicators

These three indicators will assist work practices and lift productivity resulting in better results for the business.

1. Key Energy Boost
First and foremost, tea offers a slow and sustainable energy boost that will out-perform the effects of coffee’s steep peak which results in a ‘crash’. Tea has a more gradual effect that helps sharpen your focus throughout the day, bringing about higher concentration levels. The positive effects of tea will stimulate the human senses which can enhance team performance across any range of disciplines or tasks. Just read our testimonials. You can also learn more on the research page.

Our specially selected teas offer a slow release form of energy that will ride you through the afternoon slump.

2. Open lines of Communication
Let something as simple and innocent as a ‘cuppa’ in the kitchenette or at the cubicle become a talking point in the office. Creating ways to facilitates better communication between colleagues will ensure staff are able to connect on the bigger issues that a team will face over more important work issues.

One Team building/Events company put together a small survey amongst their key clients in Beijing, China in 2011. Companies preferred to be kept anonymous, but we can say this study was carried out with the leading global automobile brands. Studies found that more than 50% of the staff on average did not even know other colleagues by name. This meant that when it came to attaining healthy collaboration between work teams for tailored projects that people were not even on a first name basis with “colleagues”. So things were much slower from the start.

Results also showed that companies willing to encourage communication and interaction between colleagues found far less of a need to invest heavily on more expensive team building communication budgets. Something so simple as inviting a tea habit to the work place will increase staff interaction and communication and lessen the need for expensive and time-consuming team building. Means a saving on budget and less resources going out to other companies to instill good work practices that can be done in-house.

3. Focus
Tea is like drawing an arrow at a task. Nothing will help build better concentration and motivational habits than a simple cup of tea. Not only does it help workers focus but it also unhinges the sleepy effects of work lunches or a late night the night prior. Even the size and quantity of the tea serving is designed to help teams get through their afternoon slumbers. Hydrating with a healthy botanical such as tea, that builds focus and assists you to ride through any afternoon slump with ease.

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This is about engagement. Increasing the amount of time that staff interact with each other, from sharing a simple story to a suggestion about their favourite flavour of tea and why.

What Tea Journeys offers you:
– Connection to tea growers
– Health Benefits
– Mindfulness

Whom picks your tea, how is it grown, how is it processed, what is this area of tea growing otherwise known for, how do I go there? These are all questions we can answer!

Office-T is designed to keep you:
– Hydrated
– Focused
– Sustained Nutritionally


Offer your staff the opportunity to focus on good habits and watch the bad habits drop away naturally as they see and experience the benefits of better productivity and wellbeing.

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