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Tea Training - The World of Tea Illuminated

Not only are you given the latest innovations in the sexy tea ware world but also privy to some of the worlds finest selection of rare teas to savour and cup for yourself. Immerse the senses in some of the worlds most sublime and exotic flavours you have yet to experience.

This course is highly recommended for those interested in well being, those in the hospitality industry and/or those interested in investing in a whole new hobby if not business interest. Allow us to impart our knowledge and expertise of over 20 years of acquiring this knowledge main veining this over to you. By purchasing this course and agreeing to receiving this incredible start up pack you will also be accrediting yourself with a skill which will serve you so well in health, stimulation and longevity. You deserve it.


This interactive workshop aims to provide students with the information surrounding all aspects of the common tea bush. Designed to equip students with all the information in not only tea theory but teamanship!

To further students' knowledge and understanding with relevance to all aspects of



We deep dive into growing tea - its origins both in history and terroir, tea planting conditions, types of tea, processing involved in all 6 categories of tea, cupping and distinguishing the various grades of tea on the market, Intimate knowledge surrounding best brew methods shared only on the World Tea Championship stage. All of this and more.

What you get

  • Temperature Controlled kettle
  • 8 different teas
  • Bamboo tea scoop
  • Scales
  • Tea Workshop notes hard copy
  • Certificate of completion


World Tea ChampionshipMark Thirlwall left for China 20 years ago with a one way ticket, fresh notebook, pen and horseriding boots with the dream of trekking across Mongolia on a horse and the promise of a job as a tour guide. He only got as far as China before being captivated in her mysterious spell. Realising how much there was to learn about China and Chinese people, he didn't have time to even think about traveling further to Mongolia. Mark quickly put pen to paper and taught himself how to speak Chinese in 3 months mostly though the open learning opportunity of wet markets. It was here, whilst making friends with Chinese farmers, wholesalers and small family businesses he became fascinated in the wonderfully exotic smells, foods and of course tea that gave him a long list of invites from friendly market sellers to travel back with them to their hometowns and tea plantations. These opportunities are still to this day some of the farmers and growers whom Mark sources products from that supplies cafes and restaurants right across Australia. Mark took up his first job in China almost immediately working as a tour guide, exposing small groups of international travellers to the wonders of China. The very first tour was leading a group of 12 tourists up a treacherous climb to the peak of Yellow Mountain. The story that ensues is something that has been widely publicised and covered in China ever since the Beijing Olympics. A story that has been covered by 11 Chinese TV stations and countless media channels. It is also a story that will be unveiled in the workshop with you, in brief, it was how Mark came to be known in Chinese media as 'The Australian Tea Man' and a tea journey lasting 20 years and as he claims still only at the trail head.

Mark has since returned to Australia to share his passion and enthusiasm with others about the wonderful world of tea. "Its not about just tasting tea, its about the experience that tea brings," Mark takes people from the tea bush to the tea cup through conversational, interactive workshop style which he is known for. Mark is the Co-Founder of Beijing longest running and largest cultural exchange centre ( and lectures for the World Tea Championship (WTC) and the Chinese Tea Marketing Association (CTMA) in Chinese for students in Beijing. He is currently the Director of Tea Journeys here in Australia ( Mark has the rare insights unlike any other Australian to teach and talk about tea, the sourcing and the people behind the tea that we drink.