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Free Shipping on orders over $80

Free Shipping on orders over $80


We’re a South Coast-based tea sommelier.

We’re proud to offer training and wholesale business opportunities, while creating innovative concepts for different environments.

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Our products

  • Beautiful single-origin teas from around Asia. There is a plethora of tea flavour options available, including Black Tea, Green Tea and naturally blended Herbal Tea for those that prefer non-decaffeinated beverages.
  • Natural single-origin drinking chocolate (gluten/dairy free). A raw cacao blend with organic panela sugar and murray river pink salt.
  • Fresh chais made by blending our floral black teas, fresh dried spices and Australian pure raw honey.
  • Teaware designed for tea drinkers creating elements of tea theatre.
    *WTBC: World Tea Brewing Championship

Take advantage of our training and tea workshops!

  • Designed to give you all the practical tea knowledge – its origins and history, as well as the science behind creating a valuable tea experience. Book a workshop with us today.

  • Food Service Consultation - creating fast and efficient tea service within businesses with clear instruction manuals designed to maximise profits.

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