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Free Shipping on orders over $80


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  • Earl Grey Tea Bag

    Earl Grey Tea Bag

    from $14.90

    Start your day right with our rich-flavoured, full-bodied Earl Grey balanced perfectly with bergamot. With a compelling fragrance, this tea appeals...

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    from $14.90

Experience the timeless favourites with our popular tea selection, perfectly crafted for both new enthusiasts and seasoned connoisseurs alike. Our collection features the aromatic Bombay Dry Chai, with its spicy blend of traditional Indian spices, the pristine quality of Single-Origin Green Tea, the robust and beloved English Breakfast, and the classic Earl Grey.

Each tea in our collection is selected for its quality and popularity among tea lovers worldwide. From the gardens to your cup, we ensure every leaf meets our high standards for taste and aroma. Whether you're seeking comfort in a familiar classic or looking for the perfect start to your day, our popular teas offer something special for every palate.

Join us in celebrating the beloved flavors that have charmed tea drinkers around the world.