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Alchemy Energy Chai Elixir


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Introducing Alchemy's new and improved 

Chai of the Tiger 
The worlds first energy chai



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Here at Alchemy we pride ourselves on being obsessed with flavour, and making delicious, naturally flavoured drinks that positively change how you feel. When we asked your feedback on our Chai of the Tiger the responses were overwhelming. Everyone we spoke to about the ‘energy, focus and clarity’ that the original Chai of the Tiger delivered loved it, however, we did get feedback that whilst the flavour was distinctive, it was not delicious.
We took your comments very seriously, and so I went on a pilgrimage to India, the home of chai, to investigate, tea, spices, chai and how it all blends together.
Whilst there I came across some amazing new technology around spice processing, and we found a supplier who creates supercritical extracts of essential oils (this preserves more of the active ingredients than traditionally extracted essential oils), and we are now using these in our new recipe.
The new Chai of the Tiger, starts with the distinctive fragrance of star anise, with ginger, black pepper, cinnamon and cardamom, so a fuller, and rounder flavour than previous, we are still using organic black tea, and have increased the amount of both guarana and ginseng, so the energy, clarity and focus effects will be even more noticeable. 

Why we love Chai of the Tiger (and you will too...)

For hundreds of years people have used herbs and spices for both flavour and effect.
Chai of the Tiger unlocks the power of organic tea, supercritical extracts of star anise, Ginger, black pepper, cinnamon and cardamom, and combines the energising power of guarana and ginseng into a delicious and powerful energy drink.
Drinking a Chai of the Tiger latte will bring a lasting surge of ENERGY/FOCUS/CLARITY.
Our Alchemist has precisely blended this elixir for both enjoyment and its stimulating effect, so for those who need to concentrate, be active or stay alert, Chai of the Tiger will amaze and delight you.

Chai is an integral part of everyday life in India. It is both food and medicine and comes from a long line of Ayurvedic tradition, with health promoting herbs and spices along with meditation and yoga for a full and balanced lifestyle.
There are many different styles of chai in India and each one offers a slightly different flavour and benefit.
Chai of the tiger was born after tasting an energising chai with Buddhist monks in Kashmir, as they sat down to spend 4 days non stop in prayer and creating a sand mandala (you need energy focus and clarity to do that).
We regularly return to India furthering our knowledge of chai, spices and the magic of the subcontinent.
The fragrance, taste and benefit of Chai of the Tiger was created to bring another amazing drink to Australia in a naturally flavoured, and easy to use form.
Enjoy Chai of the tiger responsibly…..
Ginseng has for centuries been used in the east for its stimulating properties. It is known as the ‘Root of power’, and whilst not exactly a stimulant.  It is a useful herb to combat stress and fatigue, to maximize stamina, and to build strength.
Guarana has a stimulating effect stronger and longer lasting than the caffeine in coffee. It is also an appetite suppressant and enhances cognitive function.
Star anise has a history as an aphrodisiac, as well as a digestive aid, the distinctive liquorice taste is the first thing you will notice in Chai of the tiger.
Ginger has a long history as a digestive aid, and the warming flavour is found to be quite stimulating.
Black Pepper increases the metabolic rate, aids digestion and has great antioxidant properties.
Cinnamon’s distinctive fragrance has been shown to give improve brain function, improve digestion and also decrease the risk of heart disease.
Cardamom is a great stimulant that also aids digestion, improves circulation and enhances appetite.

50 serves per 750 ml bottle.    15ml per serve. 


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WTBC* Certified

*World Tea Brewing Championship