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Bulang Tea Cups (4 pack of cups)

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Teacup designed to heighten the tea experience and flavour of your tea


The Bulang teacup is fancied to heighten the flavours from the tea. Just like you would choose your wine glass a teacup is so important to not only the aesthetic that goes into a tea experience but more importantly the taste. The top of the cup is fluted out to allow hot tea water to run into the mouth easily allowing the taste centres of the mouth to savour every sip. The cup size is equally important in that you can Medium a small cup several times without the tea going cold on you.

The name and style of our teaware were inspired by the tattoo etchings across the arms and chest of the Bulang people in South Western China, bordering Myanmar. These are some of the earliest people in the world to produce tea. The same blue weave of colour is inscribed as a tattoo that can be found across the chest and arms of the upper body. We thought no better than to pay tribute with our design of teapot that often pours the tea that these people produce for us continuing the journey from farm to cup no matter which continent.

The teacup has a maximum water holding capacity of 120ml.