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Free Shipping on orders over $80

Chai Dust - All Natural Chai Sprinkles


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Chai Dust is created using freshly ground whole spices blended with all-natural organic panela designed to be sprinkled as dust over your chai drink or over a scoop of vanilla ice cream. All our ingredients are organic and locally sourced. As such this powder is not completely soluble.

The Swiss Army knife of chai - use on a roast, over your mug of hot chocolate, sprinkle over that freshly baked pastry or your favourite bowl of ice cream. Add a pinch of depth to any of your favourites. 

No nasties, artificial anything, all organic and hand-blended.


Nutmeg, Cardamon, Black tea powder, Cloves, Anise, Cinnamon, Black pepper, Ginger, Chilli, Panela cane sugar, Salt.

Tea Journeys difference
Our Chai Industry Standard Chais
All-natural tea and spices Includes the use of "natural" (unnatural) flavours
No Fillers, Emulsifiers, dextrose or other fillers Usually the addition of "fillers" to better bind ingredients and create consistency in assisting ingredients in liquid solution
Absolutely no milk solids, Gluten Free Use of Milk solids as a cheaper ingredient filler
Including the use of authentic real tea Overly sweet up to 20g/serve
Blend with certain organic products
100% Vegan Products
Supporting Small Farms
WTBC* Certified

*World Tea Brewing Championship