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Free shipping over $80 Australia wide

Glass Iced Tea Brewer Bottle


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Coming in just in time for summer, our iced tea brewer bottle is bound to invigorate and restore on a hot sunny day. This easy to use bottle is simply that. Use your desired tea along with water to fill the bottle, return the lid and leave for 8-12 hours to brew. Don’t even worry about pouring out the leaves. Our custom designed, stainless-steel strainer is fitted with a removable lid to prevent any loose leaves falling into your perfectly brewed cup of ice cold fresh iced tea

With the easily removable strainer there is no doubt that this bottle is easy to clean, just empty out the old leaves, rinse and prepare your next favourite tea. Complete with a sturdy class and a tight-fitting lid this bottle is sure to last all summer and long into the next. You will only want another because one isn’t enough!

Capacity: 2L