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Gongfu Tea Set


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Single serve tea pot designed for a single serve of tea


Finally, a teapot that is for one person! It's designed by us to create the very best tea drinking experience for tea lovers. Each pot holds 340ml of water making sure you get to savour that perfect amount of your favourite tea liquor. Wait to your pour with our teapot it's a pourers dream. We ensure the best quality, safest materials and of course convenience of function to heighten the tea drinking experience. The Gongfu tea set is designed for the everyday tea drinker that allows you to interchange different teas. The 'built-in' strainer is for convenient removal of the tea leaves to prevent your tea from being over-infused.

The name and style of our teaware was inspired by the tattoo etchings across the arms and chest of the Bulang people in South Western China, bordering Myanmar. These are some of the earliest people in the world to produce tea. The same blue weave of colour is inscribed as a tattoo that can be found across the chest and arms of the upper body. We thought no better than to pay tribute with our design of teapot that often pours the tea that these people produce for us continuing the journey from farm to cup no matter which continent.

We have been pouring teas for over 14 years. It has taken us a while to fancy this one for you. This tea set is the marriage of the ancient way of the tea ceremony from where tea savours its' origin with the contemporary enjoyment of this most wonderful of beverages, all designed for modern convenience.

The teapot has a maximum water holding capacity of 340ml and the cup 120ml. This pot size is designed for a single tea serve.

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