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Iron Goddess of Mercy Oolong


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Lighter, fragrant oolong tea clusters that are rolled over a 5 step process repeated up to 20 times over 2 days.

  • Small: 100g
  • Large: 500g


Typically these light styles of Oolongs reign from Anxi county in Fujian. As part of our ongoing partnership with The Hutong running student tea education programs into Southern China, we continue to seek out some of the most notable Oolongs from all around the country. We cupped and sampled so many Oolongs over the last 7 years in Fujian. The more we cupped the more we acquired a taste for the more interesting Oolong notes discovered in these 'out-of-the-way' hilly retreats nestled up in the mountains, hidden away valleys largely occupied by the Hakka. So enjoying our light Oolong tea is like taking a trip with us into these hidden mountain top tea farms, settled by the Hakka around the incredible Tulou - or earthen walled fortresses - the homes of the great "Guest Peoples" of China.

This tea offers hints of macadamia and persimmon with a more rounded finish that reminds you of a number of naturally sweetened dried fruits. This Oolong is typically made by picking the lower leaves off the stem, using 4 leaves and one bud. Higher water content means the withering time is extended and the firing process is used multiple times giving the tea these rich notes.

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Green Tea / Oolong Tea

Best Brew
Iron Goddess of Mercy Oolong Best Brew

Anxi Country (China)

Tasting notes

Floral with a slightly oily finish and the hidden scent of stone fruit in the background