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Lemon Verbena (Organic)


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Indulge in the timeless allure of lemon verbena, crafted from the aromatic leaves of this revered herb with a rich history dating back centuries. Experience its bright citrus flavour and soothing properties, whether enjoyed as a comforting hot infusion on chilly evenings or as a revitalising cold brew on warm summer days.

Lemon Verbena
Origin: Albania
Flavour Profile: Citrusy, Smooth, Refreshing, Sweet
Caffeine: Free

Tea Journeys difference
Our Herbal Industry Standard
Always Fresh shipped from origin direct Often stale, herbs are NOT direct from origin but rather through large global buyers that remain in enormous distribution centres
Organic whereby constituting superior quality Not all organic means better! Some organic produced by big business remains inferior in quality
Blends are designed to be similar in botanic size ensuring effective transfer of flavour with water infusion Often mismatched leaf/botanic sizes as not sourced and blended for quality
No pre-dehydrated fruits are used we only use all-natural dried fruits Often dehydrated fruits that are used in blends are flavourless and re-hydrated with flavour mists to replicate the original flavour
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WTBC* Certified

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