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Urban Chai Caffeine Free - All-natural Chai Tea


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Introducing our exquisitely spiced caffeine free Urban Chai powder; a harmonious blend of dandelion root powder, aromatic spices, and pure Australian sea salt, crafted to delight the senses and evoke a sense of warmth and comfort with every sip.

Ingredients: Organic Panela, Dandelion Root Powder, Cinnamon, Fennel, Star Anise, Cardamom, Ginger, Nutmeg, Clove, Black Pepper, Chilli, Australian Sea Salt
Flavour Profile: Spicy, Slightly Sweet, Rich, Bold, Malty, Aromatic
Caffeine: Moderate 

Please keep in mind tea and spices can vary from batch to batch, due to sourcing availability and season of the crop.

Tea Journeys Difference
Our Chai Industry Standard Chais
All-natural tea and spices Includes the use of "natural" (unnatural) flavours
No Fillers, Emulsifiers, dextrose or other fillers Usually the addition of "fillers" to better bind ingredients and create consistency in assisting ingredients in liquid solution
Absolutely no milk solids, Gluten Free Use of Milk solids as a cheaper ingredient filler
Including the use of authentic real tea Overly sweet up to 20g/serve
Brewing Guide/ Additional Tips

Brewing guide powder

Chai Syrup: 1x tablespoon Tina Turmer mixed into 25ml hot water


  1. Mix ingredients to make a syrup
  2. Add the syrup to your choice of milk* and steam to latte perfection


  1. Mix ingredients to create a syrup
  2. Fill a glass with ice and your choice of milk*
  3. Add the syrup and stir well


  • Mix chai syrup into a protein shake with 1 ripe banana, vanilla protein powder and plant based milk for a chai-flavoured fitness booster. 
  • Drizzle chai syrup over a bowl of overnight oats mixed with diced apples and walnuts for a flavorful breakfast.
  • Add chai syrup to muffins, cakes, or pancake batter to infuse them with chai flavour. Start with replacing part of the sugar in the recipe with chai syrup.

*Alternative daily milk is also recommended


Ethically sourced and organic ingredients are used in small hand-blended batches to create a unique and special drinking chai. Full flavoured and punchy, guaranteed to start mesmerising you from the first sip. For those who crave a bit of excitement, Urban Chai doesn't shy away from a little heat. A dash of black pepper and chilli adds a fiery kick that lingers long after the last sip, awakening the senses and invigorating the spirit. With each sip, you'll be transported to a world of comfort and contentment, where time slows down and worries fade away in the embrace of our exquisite blend. Now in a caffeine free version, you can have your favourite chate latte before bedtime!

Potential Health Benefits
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Antioxidants
  • Digestive Health
  • Liver Support
  • Heart Health
  • Skin Health
Blend with certain organic products
100% Vegan Products
Supporting Small Farms
WTBC* Certified

*World Tea Brewing Championship

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