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Perfect tea for different times of the day

Perfect tea for different times of the day

Hey Tea enthusiast, 

As passionate tea connoisseurs, we would like to share our expertise in choosing the perfect tea for different times of the day. With a wide selection of teas to explore, let's embark on a journey of flavour and aroma to complement each moment of your day.

Morning Bliss

Start your mornings with a burst of energy and flavour by sipping on our invigorating breakfast teas. Whether you prefer the classic robustness of English Breakfast or the sophisticated allure of Earl Grey, these black teas are perfect to kickstart your day and pair beautifully with your favourite breakfast treats.

breakfast tea

Midday Serenity

As the day progresses, opt for our selection of green teas to maintain focus and promote relaxation. Enjoy the freshness of Sencha or the floral essence of Jasmine tea. Green teas are known for their moderate caffeine content and rich antioxidants, making them an ideal choice to keep you alert yet calm during your busy afternoons.

Green tea

Afternoon Indulgence

Take a moment to unwind and treat yourself to the soothing experience of herbal teas. From the comforting warmth of Chamomile to the refreshing taste of Peppermint, our caffeine-free herbal teas are perfect for a tranquil afternoon break or to complement a light snack.

Evening Elegance

Unwind and re-energize with our caffeine-free Rooibos or vanilla-infused Rooibos. Our blue pea flower has an abundance of health benefits and is a soothing drink served hot and cold. Try our Calm-a-Sutra - Chamomile Lemon Balm Blend before bed to ensure a restful night's sleep and wake up refreshed. Embrace evening elegance and tranquillity with every sip.
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