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Free Shipping on orders over $80

Tiger Barista Milk 1 Case (6 litres)


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Madame Tiger's Barista Tiger Nut Milk is indeed a remarkable and sustainable plant-based milk option for tea and coffee enthusiasts. Its creamy and nutty profile, along with its ability to create a frothy texture without compromising on taste or sustainability, makes it a favourite among baristas and environmentally conscious individuals. The use of Australian extra virgin olive oil and high-quality clean ingredients further underscores its commitment to providing a wholesome and satisfying tea and coffee experience.

For those concerned about meeting their nutritional needs while opting for a non-dairy milk alternative, Madame Tiger's Barista Tiger Nut Milk offers assurance that it is made with top-notch ingredients, ensuring that you don't miss out on essential vitamins and minerals. This not only enhances the taste of your drink but also aligns with a conscious choice towards sustainability and a healthier lifestyle. Enjoy your tiger latte knowing you're making a positive impact on both your drinking experience and the environment.

Please note that individual units of this product (1L) will be shipped to your desired location. However, the case option (12L) is not eligible for shipping and is available for local delivery or pick up only. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

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Supporting Small Farms
WTBC* Certified

*World Tea Brewing Championship