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BRAND NEW - Herbal Tisanes

BRAND NEW - Herbal Tisanes


All new to Tea Journeys, our latest addition to the Herbal Tisane family.

New Herbal Tisane - Sunset Blaze, Hibiscus Tea

Sunset Blaze - Delicious to the taste buds and upon the eyes. The fiery red offers a delicious healthy beverage to be enjoyed as a hot or iced beverage and savoured by both young and old alike. Learn More

Sunset Blaze Herbal Tisane


Pillar of Strength - The all soothing remedy when you feeling down with the flu systems not to mention the dreaded C virus. Simply add a teaspoon of your favourite honey and ride the soothing wave. Learn More

Pillar of Strength Herbal Tisane

Calm-a-Sutra - A blend to keep you soothed and energised. The delicious mix of herbs offers a lovely herbal tonic to be enjoyed both hot or as an iced beverage. Latest research shows incredible benefits with the consumption of quality rosemary herb. Learn More

Calm a Sutra Herbal Tisane

The Intensitea - Offering the caffeine free Brazilian mate leaf. A full herbal tonic that will have you lifting your sights on completing all those tasks. Can be substituted for that "sports drink" in drink bottles when competing. Ideal for bike bidons. Try also Sunset Blaze as a wonderful replacement to over-sweet sports drinks. Learn More

The Intensitea Herbal Tisane

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