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Splash into Iced tea season

Try our best Iced Tea recipes

iced tea recipe

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Early allure

INGREDIENTS: Earl Grey brewed tea 120ml (cooled), Sugar syrup 30ml, 8 mint leaves, Fresh lemon juice 10ml, Soda water, 2 orange wedges, Cinnamon stick stirrer, Ice

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Iron Buddha iced tea

INGREDIENTS: Green/oolong Tea 1 tsp, Peppermint Splash 1 tsp, 1 slice of fresh ginger, honey 1-2 tsp, Ice

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Dianhong Dragon

INGREDIENTS: Fresh lemon juice 15ml,  Dianhong sugar syrup 30ml, Fresh ginger (2-3cm piece), Soda water, Balsamic vinegar 1 tsp, Lemon wheel, Mint leaves, Ice Dianhong sugar syrup: Dianhong tea, Raw unrefined sugar, Hot water

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